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Maidstone - Sittingbourne Paintball

site Introduction

Welcome to the premier Paintball Site in Maidstone - Sittingbourne Our 200 acre Sittingbourne site offers you the chance to do paintball battle with the best equipment available, and a series of epic game zones.

Each zone presents new challenges and team mission strategies plus plenty of adrenaline pumping head to head combat. Will you wage a tactical battle or a trigger happy torrent of paint in every direction? Battle your way through woodland, trenches and even a purpose built village, and have a blast doing it.

Our site is located around Sittingbourne, Kent, and is well serviced by both road and rail. Just an hour from London.

Further directions printed on your receipt.

  • Available for all ages
  • Packages start from £pp

Venue Ref: 7949-1,284