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Portishead, Bristol Quad Biking

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Quad Bike Trek - Adult £ 39.99pp

The trail starts with driving in and out of poles so that you immediately get used to the controls, reverse into a space individually, and then drive around tight turns around cones at a faster speed. After this is completed we then run across pasture at speed 40-45 mph (if you want to of course). We then take you down a steep bank into woodland and then travel around the trees and up and down the banks in the wood and through the hollows and humps. You go around the wood 4 times in different directions and then out of the wood back cross the pasture and then dive through the cones again and back to the start point again. An individual timed trial is also done on route, all of this takes 45-50 minutes to travel over 5 km. The grins and smiles on drivers faces when you have finished is sufficient to tell us that they have enjoyed it!!!

Please note time is total session time not per driver allocation Important information: Max of 6 quads out at once.

Key Info

  • person Age: From 18
  • people Group Size: From 1
  • insert_chart Weight: Up To 127kg

Whats Included?

  • check_circle All Equipment
  • check_circle Detailed safety briefing
  • check_circle Experienced instructors
  • check_circle Guaranteed Fun

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