Master Blaster


£12 for 200 paintballs. Ideal for kids and first time paintballers.

If there are only a couple of you playing then this is the Go Ballistic paintball package for you. 'MASTER BLASTER` costs just £12 and you get 200 paintballs. There's no restriction on group size for this package.

'MASTER BLASTER' is ideal for kids or just if you're not sure how many paintballs you're going to get through on the day. Don't forget, you can always buy more paintballs at the Site if and when you run out.

Big Gun


£24 for 400 paintballs. Great value for a half-day session

If there are at least five of you booked in to play then take advantage of Go Ballistic's most popular paintball package - the 'BIG GUN'.

For just £24, you'll get 400 paintballs. This package is ideal for a half day because you'll have more than enough paintballs to make the session go with a real bang!

Total Annihilation


£36 for 600 paintballs.

For the bargain price of £36.00, we'll supply you with 600 paintballs. 'TOTAL ANNIHILATION' is perfect for a full day's play because you'll have more than enough ammunition.



£60 for 1000 paintballs.

As the name suggest, 'ARMAGEDDON' is Go Ballistic's premier paintball package! For just £60.00, we'll supply you with 1000 paintballs. 'ARMAGEDDON' is the only option if you're the sort of paintballer who just loves to play hard!

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