Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can we check if there is a circuit near us?

    Use the map to the right. Alternatively type in a town, city or postcode in the search box above.

  • How many people do we need for an event?

    For an exclusive event (where the track is just for your group) you will need at least 10 drivers. For an Open event (where you race against other groups of drivers) you can bring as many or as few drivers as you like. Some circuits require more drivers during peak times (e.g. after 5pm on weekdays).

  • Do I Need A Driving license?


  • Do We Have To Pay Extra For Insurance?

    If you race at a circuit that is a member of the National Karting Association, the venue will have their own public liability cover customers.

  • What Clothes Should We Wear?

    Just casual wear with trainer style shoes. Most circuits supply all safety clothing, Helmet, Balaclava, Gloves, and Race Suit.

  • Can We Drop The Kids Off For An Hour Or So?

    All children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied at all times.

  • Do We Have To Pre Book An Arrive and Drive Session?

    We strongly advise pre-booking to guarantee a session.

  • Do we get knocked out in the early rounds of a grand prix if we are beginners?

    All drivers get the same amount of qualifying heats and semi finals.

  • Are karts safe?

    All notable circuits service and test their karts every day. However, karting by its very nature is a risky activity

  • How can i organise a group booking?

    Simply get a group of drivers and call us on, or use the Contact form on this website. The circuit will require a deposit. We recommend, where each driver in the group will be paying for him/herself, that a small deposit of say £15 be collected from each person by the organiser and retained by him/her, this avoids people pulling out of the group at a late stage. We ask for an approximate number of drivers taking part when booking, you can add drivers to the booking up to the maximum number at any time.

  • How long will it take?

    Arrive and Drive / Practice session can be as short as 15minutes. A Grand Prix race for 20 drivers can take about 2.5 hours to run. For larger numbers it is approximately fff-link hour for every 10 drivers.

  • Do you give instructions to beginners?

    Yes - we recommend that you listen attentively to our pre-race briefing. It is surprisingly easy and great fun provided you know the correct way to drive your kart.

  • Do all circuits have catering?

    Yes, most have a shop with soft drinks, crisps and chocolate bars. On request most will provide additional catering. Check the site you are interested in on this site – full details are on their listing.

  • What types of race are available?

    For details of the race types and the costs of each check the circuit you are interested in.

  • Is there and age and height restriction for karting?

    For most circuits, the minimum age is 8 years old on the cadet kart when doing an Arrive and Drive Session, but we would suggest 14 years and upwards when taking part in a race event. The minimum height is 54''. Please check the circuit you are interested for further details

  • How many people do i need to book a grand prix or endurance?

    This varies from circuit to circuit. Please check the circuit you are interested in where you will find full details on their listing. Click here to find the circuit list.

  • How do I pay?

    Some circuits require full payment on booking whereas some will take a deposit call us on to find out what is required at your preferred circuit. Payment can be made wit, cheque or credit / debit card.

  • Is there any discount on group bookings?

    Discount is usually available to groups of 30 or more.

  • What race format is available to youth groups and schools?

    Mini Prix and Mini Endurance are the most popular race formats for youth and school groups. Discounts are often offered for races during school or off peak hours. Call us to check

  • If none of the above answers my questions, what can I do?

    Call us now – we are the experts