What better way to usher your best mate into married life than by taking them down to the woods and mercilessly bombarding them with paintballs. We guarantee we'll give the lucky stag a messy day he'll never forget.

From £7.50 per person

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Recommended Packages

  • Pay As You Play

    from £7.50 per person

    Our popular Pay as You Play package lets you pay your game fees up-front and then purchase paintballs as you need them throughout the day. So no matter how caked in paint the poor stag is you can prolong his punishment by buying more paintballs, smoke grenades and whatever else you can get your hands on.

    There are no paintballs included in this package, they can either be purchased on the day or pre-purchased when you book your package with us.

    Average Paintball Usage. Depending on how trigger happy you are:

    • Half Day = Around 300 paintballs each
    • Full Day = Around 500 paintballs each
  • Stag Hunt

    from £27.00 per person

    The Stag Hunt package includes everything you need to make sure the stag has a day he'll never forget. You'll be kitted out with all the essentials plus some extras to ensure the stag is in for a torrid day. As well as your paintballs we'll throw in a paint/smoke greande, so if you can't shoot the stag blow him up!

    Your group must have at least five players and all players must be on the Stag Hunt package. You need to pay the standard £s;9.99 game fee which acts as a non refundable deposit and reserves your places. All our paintball sites are incredibly busy so try to book at least two weeks in advance. The balance of £s;27 per player must be received at least five working days prior to your game date.

    *This package is available at participating sites only. **Free light lunch is included at most sites. Please check specific //VENUE-TYPE// package details.

Stag Party Add Ons

In addition to your event we also offer great rates on the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Multi Activities
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Night Club Entry
  • Guaranteed Safety

    • All sites have valid public liability insurance (copies provided on request)
    • All sites have copies of risk assessments (copies provided on request)
  • Organiser Help

    • Assistance with transport requirements
    • Advice on best site to go to and best packages to book
    • Tailored timings to suit your group (weekdays only)
  • On Site Safety

    • Full safety briefing for all players
    • Fully trained marshals supervising at all times