Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to book?

    Yes! It is the only way in which we can ensure you get to play.

  • How far in advance should I book?

    As far in advance as possible please! Whilst we will always try to help at 'short notice' - the more time you can give us, the greater the chance of getting that perfect paintball party exactly when and where you want it!

  • How many players do I need?

    For a weekend, any amount is normally fine. You will be mixed in with other groups that are also booked at the site so there will be plenty of people to shoot at! Midweek days are also fine but the sites will usually require a minimum group size of 10 to 20 players to maximise the action!

  • Can I play just with my own group?

    You would need to have enough players to fill your own game zone, normally about 30 or more.

  • How can I book?

    Either by booking online or by calling 0800 078 9500. You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit per person to secure your places so it is a good idea to collect this money from your group in advance.

  • How can I pay my deposit?

    Either via our secure online booking service or over the telephone (0800 078 9500). We accept credit or debit card. We do accept cheques but you would need to call us on 0800 078 9500 to arrange this.

  • What times do the sessions run from?

    This does vary from site to site. The actual times will be printed on your booking confirmation forms. It is advised that you arrive around twenty minutes prior to this start time.

  • What happens if I arrive late?

    Please endeavour to let us know if you are running late and the site will do their best to accommodate you. There is no guarantee that you will be able to play if you are late.

  • What does lunch include?

    A light lunch is provided on a full day session only and it varies from site to site. A typical example would be a sandwich or a hot dog.

  • Can I bring alcohol?

    No. No-one is allowed to play under the influence of alcohol.

  • Do you cater for vegetarians?

    Yes. One or two vegetarians in your group can be catered for on the day. If there will be large amount of vegetarians in your party, please let us know when you make your booking.

  • I’m just booking for a morning or afternoon, will I get lunch?

    No. A light lunch is only available on a full day session. You are welcome to bring snacks to eat between the games and most sites will be able to sell you a chocolate bar or similar also.

  • What is the minimum age to play?

    The minimum age for most sites is twelve years old but some sites do have a minimum age restriction of 11yrs (please check on your specific venues information page to confirm this) it can also be as high as eighteen at some sites. Any players under sixteen will need to bring a completed parental consent form with them which are supplied with your booking confirmation or can be downloaded here.

  • Can I bring my own paintballs?

    No. Only paintballs purchased at the site, or purchased in advance at a discount from Go Ballistic can be used.

  • How many paintballs do I need?

    Average paintball usage on a half day session is around 300 paintballs. Average usage on a full day would be around 500 paintballs.

  • Can we buy extra paintballs on the day?

    Yes! The price per hundred does vary from site to site. Expect to pay around £6 to £8 per hundred on average.

  • Can I bring my own equipment?

    Players must use the paintballs and paintball markers provided on the day by the site. Most sites will allow you to use your own mask or camouflage clothing if they are adequate.

  • Would I need to pay for anything extra on the day?

    The game fees include all the equipment needed with the exception of paintballs. These can be bought at the site.

  • What should I wear?

    Sensible outdoor shoes and a couple of layers of old clothes. Overalls are provided but please bare in mind that it could be muddy!

  • Are showers available?


  • Is there somewhere we can leave valuables?

    No. Items are left at your own risk. We would recommend keeping things out of sight in a locked car.