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O. Outdoor Archery £ 25.00pp

A popular activity for all ages target Archery is perfect for small groups or as part of a package of activities for larger groups. You will very quickly get to grips with our bows. We dont believe in adding all the bells and whistles when you are starting out. So this focuses on teaching you the base techniques and helps to develop your instinct. A great stepping stone if you want to progress into an archery club.

Key Info

  • alarm Duration: 60
  • person Age: From 12

A. Archery Combat £ 150.00pp

Archery Combat is dodgeball with Arrows. You will have the chance to wear each other out shooting arrows at each other in a series of games which are both challenging and fun!

You have likely played similar games like Dodgeball and paintball. Well this is much the same game but with Bows and Arrows.

Archery tag was developed to use a foam tipped arrow that can be fired safely in a game. If you have done paintball and walked away with some heavy old bruises then that will not happen with Archery Combat. This can be a fast and physical game for the competitive team. The other advantage over paintball is the arrows are reuseable and you don’t have to keep buying more ammo to play. Before the fun begins, the team will be given a safety and instruction briefing along with their safety equipment! Teams play against each other. The idea is to”tag” your opponent to score points. When a player is tagged they are eliminated from the game. There is a chance to respawn your team members just as you would in dodgeball. Players also shoot at targets to add extra points to their team scores. A game ends after a specific period of time once all opponents are eliminated. However, it is a points game and eliminating all opponents might still see a team lose on points – It is a game of strategy and tactics. The rules of the games will be explained before the games commence.

Its The Hunger Games? So what are you waiting for? Without a doubt it is time to get to Hover Force for an archery tag battle frenzy that you will never forget!

Key Info

  • alarm Duration: 60
  • person Age: From 10

Venue Ref: 1013234-11