Quad Biking Bury St Edmunds

Junior Quad Biking

Prices From £28.99

For an unbelievably exhilarating and monsterously entertaining automotive adventure you need look no further than our spectacular Junior Quad Biking Packages, which will give the kids the adrenaline soaked thrill ride of a lifetime! They will climb aboard their Quad and go head to head with some spectacular terrains during the course their sensational event!

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Junior Quads 10 -11 yrs £28.99pp Read More

Quad Bike Challenge

Prices From £38.50

Our phenomenal Quad Challenge Packages are completely exhilarating and adrenaline packed from start to finish and you won't believe the terrains our exceptional Quads are capable of taming! You will be in for some sensational mud-churning action in this awesome event!

Quad Challenge....Are You Up To It?

Available Packages

Quad Challenge 30 Minutes £38.50pp Read More

Quad Challenge 60 Minutes £57.99pp Read More