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Karting Blackpool8

114 minute drive from Saltcoats

Blackpool is the closest Karting site to Saltcoats

Located less than a mile away from Blackpool Tower this 700m outdoor karting circuit is one of the most unique venues in the country. The bowl shaped track sits right on the promenade, which means you can see and hear the sea as you tear round the track in a 160cc twin engined kart! There's more to this track than the location though, and with a mix of high-speed straights, sweeping bends and tight hairpins your karting skills will be pushed to the limit!

Only 15 minutes drive from the M55 motorway and also easily accessed on the Blackpool Tramway. Full maps and directions are provided on completion of booking.

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Alternative Venues Near Saltcoats

  • Karting Durham, County Durham

    Durham, County Durham is the closest Karting site to Saltcoats

    Over two hours drive from Saltcoats

    An extreme karting experience unlike any other. Take to the winding indoor track in any of our frantic racing formats. Conquer 200m of testing track plus smoke machine, strobes and UV lighting effects. This is a frenzied fun-house of motoring action, as flat-out fun as it is unique.



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