Paintball Corporate Events

Why choose Go Ballistic® paintball for your Corporate Event?

  • Officially the UK's most popular choice for Corporate Events
  • Encourage Teamwork
  • Lunch
  • Exclusive Game Play
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • UKPSF registered
  • Fully Insured

How to book your Corporate Event at Go Ballistic® Paintball

Your group must have at least six players and all players must be on the Office Wars package. For exclusive game play you need at least 18 players.

You need to pay the standard £9.99 game fee which acts as a non refundable deposit and reserves your places. Go Ballistic paintball sites are incredibly busy so try to book at least two weeks in advance. The balance of £30 per player must be received at least five working days prior to your game date

So you’ve decided that the office needs an injection of fun, but have no idea how to go about arranging it. You’ve got to cater for men and women, all ages, and possibly some colleagues who you have never spoken to in your life!

Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry because it’s probably the same story in workplaces all across the country. The difference is that you’ve decided to do something about it – and you could do worse than arrange a day’s paintballing. Rather than just being an indiscriminate running battle through the woods, paintball can offer you and your fellow workers so much more. Scenarios in various game zones all have different rules and objectives which means good team work will be essential in order for a mission to be successful.

A common mission may involve stealing your opponents’ flag and returning it to your home base - something that is virtually impossible unless everyone combines as one cohesive unit. And when your office is working as a team, they are communicating and bonding in ways that just don’t happen when people are hunched over their PCs. You’ll also be away from the pressures of the daily grind which will really blow the cobwebs away. Seeing people in a different environment also means you’ll start to see them in a different light. The most unlikely of colleagues may emerge as natural leaders or motivators which is something that can be taken away from the day.

And, afterwards, there’s the very real chance that everyone will take their experiences back to the office which can only be good for efficiency, harmony and spirits which, let’s face it, will do your company’s profits no harm whatsoever. You’ll also give people the chance to bring the boss down a peg or two which is always nice!

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